Aruba Red Photoshoot, March 2011

Aruba Red

Hooking up once again with the beautiful Aruba Red, this time with a selection of garments including a One Love hoody from statemeant – “A new and unique upcoming brand of clothing designed for the conscious individual focusing on thought provoking statements”  Taken from their website, check out for more info

One Love -

The following shots were also used for a recent interview with Aruba by The First Lady blogspot:

Dress by Kenema & Co:
Jewelry by BeRare:

Aruba Red, Dress by Kenema & Co - Jewelry by BeRare

Aruba Red, Dress by Kenema & Co - Jewelry by BeRare

Experimenting for the first time with this type of shot, as soon as I stepped into this room (secret location!) I thought of two things – Fisheye and multiple Aruba Red’s.  Placing the camera on the tripod and snapping away, plus a few hours in photoshop and this is the result:

Multiple Aruba's

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