HEDNOKA @ Musiques En Stock festival, France, 2nd July

Meet the HEDNOKA crew – Tibbo, Renn, G Easy & Patrice…


Jammin in the beautiful mountainous region of north-east france, HEDNOKA turned up to rock the crowd in many places, including one of the funkiest jam sessions ive been to in a town called Annecy, I was feeling the vibe so much I had to put down the camera and pic up the mic!

Next up was the Musiques En Stock festival in the town of Cluses, Haute-Savoie, a few thousand people turned up to feel the force in the sunshine and knock heads with the natty dredd…much love goes out to the French family who looked after us like we were their own, we will never forget you!

Below are some shots from the trip…promo video below the pics…MA


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  1. You’re brilliant, Mikey!
    Nuff love from Germany
    Chrissie xxxxx

  2. Blessed Love Chrissie, ashame we missed eachother in London, until the next time…keep snapping!

    One Love

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