THE KNOCK ON EFFECT…… Within the climate of todays rapid in-and-out music industry and saturated market, there’s always one up-and-coming bunch who stand out from the rest. The diamond in the rough… HEADKNOCKER is Ren (vocals), G Easy (guitar), Patrice Guers(bass) and T-Bo (drums). They are 4 piece band based in the UK and France. Formed in 2007 by Renn, the original line-up disbanded and so began the quest to re-ignite the HK flame again….. Renn and G Easy were united thru fate. These two talented musicians met in a London Guitar store. French born guitarist G, had come to London to pursue his dream of finding a good band. So they talked music, movies, smoking etc, and after an exchange of numbers, the all night smokey jam sessions down in their friend Alex’s basement began. London born singer/songwriter Ren has worked alongside artists such as Basement Jaxx, Jamiroquai, Anastasia, The Fun Loving Criminals. With raspy-smooth vocal tones and an ability to write catchy melodies and coulorful rhymes, accompanied by the orchestration of G’s rich, infectious guitar style, these late night jams soon evolved into the lads writing, producing and performing material for a Headknocker album. Their mix of rock ‘n’ rap whisked with a drop of blues, is intoxicating. Live, the quality of musicianship and energy are at the fore of crowd pleasing, but what makes headknocker really stand out is their song writing ability. With influences varying from Hendrix to Beastie Boys, Queen Stone Age to the The Red Hot Chili’s, to name a few, all spread evenly in one melodic rizla, and now, ready to burn!…. So, finally after spending time creating music in the studio, the boys finally emerge with a album full of burners! After giving the call to fellow musicians and friends Patrice and T-Bo…all four plugged in… rolled up… then rolled out getting gigs, promoting and selling their EP, getting themselves a name and a steady growing fanbase. This band is all about songs, beats ‘n’rhymes and guitar licks!! Just plug in the mic, set da drumz, switch on the amps, lets do this!! Headknocker is a name you’ll remember with songs you won’t forget, but let the music do the talking…… Keep ya headz knockin and STAY TUNED!!….. FOR ANY ENQUIERIES ABOUT BOOKINGS OR OTHER, PLEASE CONTACT US AT: headknockermusic@gmail.com!



Headknocker EPK

JL Studio | MySpace Video

Headknocker – I’m Not The One Live

JL Studio | MySpace Video

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