Michael first developed an interest in photography when he travelled to Trinidad and Tobago back in 2002, taking with him a 2MP Olympus digital camera. He explored and was inspired by these beautiful islands to travel more and discover new images to capture in his own unique style.

On his return he invested in a digital SLR camera and combined his new toy with his first passion: music and quickly built a portfolio covering live events and producing band photography. He has since covered the largest Reggae festival in Europe, Summerjam in Germany. As well as covering Soul greats such as Maze, Leroy Hutson, Incognito and Maceo Parker, Michael has captured Rap groups such as The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Blackstar, EPMD and often works with many UK artists including Rose Windross, Klashnekoff, Maverick Sabre, Aruba Red, Wancee, Natty and others.

His next aims were documentary photography and film making and with these Michael took himself to the Slums of Nairobi in 2010 and during his two months in beautiful Kenya, he realised that combining the discovery of oneself and the world with documentary photography provides a poignant insight into social issues, individuals lives and situations.

Travelling soon became Michael’s second biggest passion in life, having many opportunities to visit friends in other countries, Michael see’s the earth as everybodies home and therefore has a fearless attitude when it comes to exploration and adventure. With this he has taken many images capturing the essence of life in that particular space and time, representing the culture and mother earth respectively.

Michael has a vast array of clients including many in the media sector (list of credits below)

Available to hire for a variety of commissions including Unit/Film Stills, Live Event and Concert Coverage, Documentary, Photoshoots and Wedding Photography.


Please get in touch with any enquiries you may have; info@michaelantoniou.co.uk




Fully Focused Productions – Commissioned by director Teddy Nygh to produce stills on set for various music video productions –http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?cat=10

Prodigal Son Entertainment / Jason Nwansi – Regularly commissioned to take stills on the sets of music video productions –http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=666

Warp Films – Working as the stills photographer on set for a short movie produced by Jason Nwansi for the BBC electronic proms, shot over two days at BBC white city studios and The Royal Victoria & Albert museum – http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=1425

Doctors Orders – Working as a regular photographer for the UK’s main HipHop events promotion company, producing photography of live events, photos  used for flyers for future promotion etc – http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=2746

Cherri Prince – Commissioned to produce photos for Cherri’s new album and promotion of the album, including this feature in Lime magazine –http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=2734

Rose Windross – Producing regular photography for one of the UK’s Soul legends, including her website – http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=2750

Aruba Red – Responsible for producing regular imagery for Aruba, including many pictures of EP covers and online promotion –http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=2765

Jazzman Records – Commissioned to produce photography of J-Rocc to be used for album covers – http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=2756

Overground Online – Regularly supply images of events around town to this online magazine and news source –http://www.overgroundonline.com/

Kick It Out (lets kick racism out of football) – Hired to take press shots for awards ceremony held in the house of lords for black football players as part of black history month. http://www.kickitout.org/

RWD Magazine – Hired to photograph the Rewind magazine xmas party (2008). http://www.rwdmag.com/

Quakers Social Action – Volunteered charity work to produce pictures for use in the 2006 annual QSA publication – http://michaelantoniou.co.uk/Blog/?p=2759

Higher Heights – Regularly cover events for this youth based charity taking shots for them when needed, this is also on a voluntary basis – http://www.higherheights.org.uk/

AITCH group – Real estate agents that required office shots to be taken both candid and posed for the update of their website.

Jeans 4 Genes – Commissioned to produce pictures to accompany case studies of children with gene disorders, this involved travel to families and meeting the children to get the necessary shots, I also covered the London marathon for them as they had a number of runners involved. http://www.jeansforgenesday.org/

TerraFirma – Studio shots produced for the UK’s biggest selling HipHop collective for use on various websites, album covers and purposes.

Ministry Of Sound – Studio shots produced for a UK band called “Superfly” for website, marketing and PR usage.

True Magazine – Commissioned to produce fashion shots for this free magazine, set inside a vintage designer shop on Portobello Road.

Daniel Browne Street– Commissioned to photograph models signed to this agency on urban street locations using natural lighting, with images used in national television campaign.

Tillate.co.uk – Weekly coverage of a club night in London’s Cirque nightclub for website, this also involved commissions with partnered companies of tillate such as Mauritianparty.com and other music events.

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