Rose Windross


My life has always been in music, but usually dancing to it!!!! I love to shake a leg to the old school boogie tunes, like the jazz dancers of old. My FLING FOOT CREW know.

I was raised above a nightclub in North London. I sang as a pass time to washing up the dishes . Singing is like my wings to fly when I can’t find da boogie. I began to hit the club scenes far too early for my age. I shared the time with church times. (And I still do!), always looking for da boogie.

In a bid to find it, I met the Soul II Soul Collective. They had answers to my boogie needs. I wrote and sung a song as a tribute to them (Fairplay). The rest is history.

My brother (Norris) was also making his mark on the music world, so I came home and wrote and sung more songs with him (still doing it), collaborating along the way with all kinds of people, on all kinds of musical fronts ranging from pop to opera and loving it all. I have had the privilege to rejoin Jazzie B , touring the world, helping to put Soul II Soul firmly back on the world map for their comeback in 2008. It’s been emotional.

Magic House is my future. It is the band I have been delaying for far too long.

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