TV Series

The Wire


Still holding down the title of best TV Series in the last 15 years, Breaking Bad comes close but not quite the same quality of cigar as the Wire, with a much larger cast and a much truer to life story line, yes the drug game has been told before but in this we see both sides of the fence, delving deep into the corruption that exists within the Police and other government run institutions, using a lot of real people from the streets rather than casting for actors who know nothing about this type of life style, as far as docu-dramas go this is as real as it gets.  With a brilliant cast and great production this one will be hard to beat, nuff respect to HBO.


Breaking Bad


Second only to the Wire above it, Breaking Bad had most people hooked for days on end as they just needed to know what happened next, as well as being addicted to the brilliant acting that was Walter, Jessi and Hank, what a trio, this was film making at its best and I cant wait to sit down and watch it all again in a few years time.  This couldn’t have been made much better and quite rightly deserves the title of one of the best TV Series ever made, well done.



Mr Robot


Although its only in its first season, Mr Robot was refreshing change to the standard Hollywood bullshit which usually involves cops chasing terrorists and things getting blown up and people shot left right and center, this is fresh and bang up to date in terms of where the world is currently at and just how important cyber warfare is, not to mention the possibilities that exist on a revolutionary level, the main character played by Rami Malek is brilliant in portraying himself as an addict who is really quite disgusted at how the modern world has become and knows deep down he has to change it with the tools he has available to him.  Lets see how season 2 pans out, im quite optimistic on this one.


Game of Thrones


Who dosent like dragons? With a successful book series, this was always going to be a winner, with one of the largest casts and stunning locations, nearly every scene looks like a beautiful photograph, it not only looks and feels amazing but the story line is intense and packed full of action and mystical adventure, the only reason I have placed this below Mr Robot is because it is fantasy and not true to life, of course this does not matter to a lot of people and it can therefore be rated very highly indeed regardless of this point, what is true to life however is the politics of empires, Kings and Queens and everything in between.

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