FLOetic Lara


FLOetic Lara (aka FLO), soulful empress, passionate poet, supreme lyricist, articulate songwriter…Hailing from the mean streets of Brixton, this unique songstress comes equipped with a vast and versatile vocal ability. FLO has blessed the biggest live bands to the most hardcore hip hop beats, gospel choirs to poetry ciphers on the streets. Her voice has been described as that of a songbird with a jazz undertone. This follower of Christ with a background as diverse as Jamaican, Chinese, Irish and Australian touches all and relates to many: from young to old, black to white, hard headed to the heartfelt. Ask about FLO and people know. With her range and variety, FLOetic Lara writes and performs pieces which entertain as well as educate and challenge her audiences. “Passionate Poets” and “My Story” are just two poetry pieces from her catalogue sure to inspire listeners.

FLO’s expedition started back in 2002 at ‘Brixtongue’. Since then she has performed at The Jazz Café, Brixton Academy and The Royal Festival Hall to name but a few. Her 2006 schedule culminated in flying the flag for the UK by opening the back to back Dwele/Jaguar Wright concerts (accompanied by her full band). Orchestrating community workshops is another spoke to the revolving wheel that is FLOetic Lara. This is essential to FLO as she maintains a close relationship with her community. Using the Arts these workshops deal with the underlying issues that face the youth of today.

There is little this woman cannot do and with Christ on her side expect even more sweet melodies and heavenly harmonies. In the words of FLO, 2007 is “two thousand and spiritual”. And you know what that means: more fire, more truth and more love.

FLOetic Lara is an international artist and has performed in New York, Italy, Prague and across the UK. FLO has graced many stages including BBC TV, OBE, BEN TV, Channel 4, Channel U. BBC Radio 3 & 4, GAP Radio… For bookings/ more info email: floeticlara@yahoo.co.uk

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