Maceo Parker @ The Jaze Cafe, 22nd May

Witnessing once again the legendary Maceo Parker, funking up London’s Jazz Cafe again and again, it was a blessing to get some shots of this fantastic musician and band.


Straight after the band finished, the people inside remained as the cardboard mat was rolled out on the dancefloor to make way for the two Breakdancing crews about to do their thing, Breakin Bread then took over the show and kept the funk to the max.

J Rocc & Madlib @ Jazzman Records


J Rocc

Last Tuesday morning was a nice surprise for me, being a lover of REAL hiphop music I was naturally very happy when I heard the names J Rocc and Mad Lib mentioned to me over the phone – for those that don’t know, get to know!  Real hiphop in the form of producers who have worked with the great emcees of our time such as Mos Def and Talib Kweli, as well as working alongside the legendary J DIlla and other great talents.




Gerald the Jazzman

The venue was Jazzman Records in North West London, where a large vault of classic hard to find Soul Funk & Jazz resides waiting to be snapped up, for J Rocc and Mad Lib, this was heaven.  For me it was an opportunity to photograph and meet two hiphop greats, some of the best producers in the world in fact.  Unfortunately I could not make it to their gig later on that night in Fabric due to other commitments, but im sure they tore the roof off and probably did so their whole European tour,  J Rocc and Mad Lib – Nuff Respect!

J Rocc’s myspace

Madlib’s myspace

Jazzman Records


Whats Beneath The Hoodie @ Stratford Circus Theatre, 17th May

DSC_2916WBTH was a great theatre production full of energy and laughter, the young performers here did a great job of keeping us entertained with sarcastic characterisations of hooded youth in our society, the perceptions we have to deal with and the general misunderstanding of our nations kids.

Flyer extract:

An alternative narrative, written and performed by young people of the contrasting perspectives of their urban environment.  Using satire and thought provoking characterisation, Whats beneath the Hoodie addresses the misconceptions and the clear miscommunication between young people and other members of the community.  The play, whilst at times tongue in cheek, is hard hitting and is a far cry away from the media’s typical representation of hoodies…

Wancee – Whats Urban?

DSC_6769 New video by Wan-Cee; What’s Urban? Video also features Ayanna Whitter Johnson & the Urban Philharmonic Orchestra. Single release date: 27-JULY-09. Copyright Prodigal Son Entertainment 2009.

I have worked alongside Jason on many projects and its always a good experience,  Jason arranged a hard working team that came together well on the day, we had fun and I snapped a lot of shots, with the one above being one of my favourite production shots of the day.