Big Daddy Kane @ The Jazz Cafe, Camden 30-10-2015













The Doctors Orders were back in the building once again representing the real HIPHOP and this old skool vet came through with pure fire to tear the roof off Jazz Cafe once again, much love to BDK for doing his thing and choking the mic the way he does best, props out to Pete Rock for saying wassup on the night and shout outs to Minx who tore up the mic on stage after Kane heard her spitting on the street from the artist room before the show, BIG UP!

Doctors Orders – EPMD @ The HMV Forum, 19th Feb 2011

Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith and DJ Scratch back in London to represent, E Dubs was looking fresha than fresh like he aint aged since the last time I saw a photo of him, with his quirky smile standing alongside Parish, dropping on beat and on point every time.  Rodney P and Daddy Skitz opened up the night for a short while before host Big Ted introduced the Old School New York vets, dropping joints from all albums and finished off in classic Sermon style with “Music” the Marvin Gaye sampled joint, another great night of classic HipHop just took place.  Pics below, big up to Spin Doctor everytime and the HipHop Chronicle for the video below.


Doctors Orders – J Dilla Changed My Life @ SCALA, 6TH Feb 2011

Blessed with the opportunity to meet Ma Dukes and Dilla’s baby mother who are both very sweet ladies, Ma Dukes paid homage and gave a moving speech (below) to the hugely receptive HipHop crowd, Scala was packed, the stage was packed and the energy was straight up Dillafied! 

I’ve photographed and jammed at many nights including the last two Doctors Order’s gigs but the energy here was different, a whole night of Dilla’s sound just hits you in a different way…

…and nuff respect to the DJ’s (listed below) who chopped and mixed it up nicely all night, not only that, a funky band turned up and rocked some TIGHT tracks sending everyone nuts, including hosts Skillit and  MC Prankster, Iron Braydz was in the house, as well as Kyza and Yungun who stepped up to rock a couple of tracks…

 But more importantly we were all present to show love to this amazing man and his music, Ma Dukes and the fam are continuing their hard works for the J Dilla Foundation helping to fund music programs and scholarships worldwide.  Please check out the website and read up on ways you can also help out.

Room 1- Dedicated to the work of J-Dilla
Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM / Extended Players) / Mr Thing (BBE / Extended Players)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders) / Harry Love (Extended Players) / Morgan Spacek / Kidkanevil
DJ LoK (Dilla breaks set) / Bruce Wayne (Unreleased beats set) 

Room 2 hosted by Livin’ Proof:
DJ Snips / DJ Rags / Khalil / Budgie

Doctors Orders – The Beatjunkies @ Jazz Cafe, 23rd Jan 2011

Having photographed J Rocc almost a year ago for the Jazzman mix tape it was a great pleasure to see him back in town alongside 2 other Beatjunkies – DJ Babu and DJ Rhettmatic.  Spin Doctor opened up as usual dropping dope beats, the Jazz Cafe was almost full as the Junkies entered and mixed and chopped up everything from classic soul funk to hardcore underground hiphop, maximum respects were shouted out to J Dilla and Guru, two HipHop greats that recently passed away but live on strong in the hearts of many fans.  I’ve heard these guys mix before but to see them do their thing live was wicked, some serious scratching skills were taking place, J Rocc had his iPhone 4 hooked up that he was also dropping some effects from, all in all a great set, check out more Beatjunkies on their myspace page.  





Plus Spin Doctor  

SUNDAY 23RD JANUARY 2011 (Doors 7pm)  


5 Parkway, London NW1 7PG  


Very few DJ crews have managed to have such an impact on every aspect of their trade as the “World Famous” Beat Junkies”.  

Having cut their teeth as battle crew winning every title imaginable they have gone on to individually record albums (with J-Rocc’s debut due to drop on Stones Throw in March), produce for some of the most incredible MCs around, be part of live acts, most notably Babu as part of Dilated Peoples, Rhettmatic as part of The Visionaries and J-Rocc as the live DJ for Hip-Hop luminaries such as J-Dilla & Madlib, release incredible mixtapes and record brilliant radio shows.  

Tonight however it is as a live turntablist club rocking outfit they come to us as J-Rocc, DJ Babu and DJ Rhettmatic show their excellence on 6 turntables while the incredible Rakaa Iriscience controls the mic.  

Having toured in every country in the world with a set of decks they are as skilled in bringing dance-floors to a sweaty euphoria as they are any other aspect of their game so once again you are guaranteed The Doctor’s Orders and the legendary Jazz Café have pulled off another coup in having the worlds most respected DJ crew come to convert London onto the addictive Beat Junkies sound tonight.