Gangland Documentary – My letter to the Police and Army

Dear Sir / Madam

After watching “Gangland” last night on Channel 5, I feel compelled to write to you in the hope that this letter will reach people with the power to actually make a change.

To cut to the chase, London will soon be overrun with crime if this is not taken as a state of national emergency immediately.  The threat is active and the threat is expanding.  The fact that police numbers have been cut needs to be addressed right now and an emergency meeting needs to be held in order to tackle the issue.

I have some suggestions.

Firstly, please watch the following two short clips of ex police chief Peter Kirkham highlighting not only the reasons behind the current crime epidemic but also suggestions on how to fix it.

In the second clip Peter perfectly explains that its not the Police who need to communicate with the troubled youths, it’s the bridge between, the community people, youth group leaders, parents, people like myself who are able to communicate with them and educate the police on where they are coming from and advise on projects that can make real change.

You have to understand that not everyone likes the police, especially in the black community, as you are fully aware the police have killed unarmed black people for decades so this is not an easy task.

As well as having the bridges in place to establish dialogue and communication, one must understand that the current method of tackling violent crime is not working.

Police are not able to knock moped thieves off their mopeds – this is ridiculous.

In certain situations, police need to be allowed to stop the threat by any means necessary.

But there are not enough police.

What you need is a hardcore unit that is not constrained by policy and procedure, this unit needs to be armed and active on the street, not visibly, undercover and working as the gangs do.  This may sound like a far-fetched Sweeney type approach but if you want the blatant truth then you need to understand that without this type of operation, certain areas of London will become no go zones, murder rates will sky rocket, a generation of youths will be lost to all of this madness, certain areas will become strongholds that the police will fear to enter, do you really want London to turn into a favela in Rio?  Where even helicopters are at danger of entering because people are armed to the teeth with rocket launchers, I think not.

Forget Theresa May, forget the government, they are bloody useless and don’t give a shit.  Take it upon yourselves to form these crack squads and fight crime yourselves, be the super heroes, I know there are many soldiers out there right now wishing they were part of such a squad, fighting crime super hero style, instead they are based in places like Afghanistan and Iraq for no real reason at all, do not kid yourself that they are protecting us from terrorism, since this whole bloody war on terror started terrorism has only increased around the world as a direct result.  Soldiers and commandos know full well that ISIS only came about after Britain, the US and Israel started arming rebel groups in Syria to take down Assad as well as un-necessarily destroying Libya which also aided this terror group expansion worldwide.  So, drop the bullshit, our soldiers are needed back home, here on the streets of London, tracking down and hunting the drug kingpins that are fueling this crazy war that has so far taken nearly 100 of our kids to violent crime in 2018.

Soldiers, arm yourselves, get the full black gear and night vision ready, hit up areas one by one, track down these murdering arseholes and bring them to justice, in any way you see fit, maybe take them alive and ship them off to Afghanistan so they can sit on the front line, there’s a thought.