Chronixx Music Presents – Zincfence Sessionz | Bush Hall, London – 12th Nov 2018

Wicked Jam session inside the place, with nuff artist on display, a few people inside the venue got disappointed when Chronixx left da stage after not singing any of his classics – but try to overstand, this was a great showcase of talent so big up Chrnonixx for runnin this session, Blessed Love every time!

Hector Lewis Intro for Misha B


Misha B


Sevana Part 2



Maverick Sabre

Chronixx, Jack James, Mr Williams, Misha B & Sevana

Christopher Ellis


Opening up the night was DJ Snuff followed shortly by MC Logic, introduced by Rodney P, Logic for me is the freshest guy in UK HipHop right now, straight talk real revolutionary flow, breaking things down nicely to any crowd, hollering PEOPLES ARMY whenever he feels to. Logic got things started nicely, especially when going into his tune bigging up the pioneers in the industry, big tings and I hope to see more of this brudda shine through the music game.

Then miss Aruba Red graced the stage in Vintage style, bringing a more subtle sound to all inside, revolutioanry with her flow also, Aruba has developed and tweaked her sound over time, with all band members fully on point, Aruba set the vibe nicely with her mellow sound.

Hot off tour with Snoop Dogg around the UK, Maverick Sabre returned to good old north London to blow the roof off of Jazz Cafe. I’ve seen many gigs at this infamous venue but this was different, the energy inside created by the sold out crowd, singing along with Mav and the band, created a beautiful atmosphere that was a joy to witness.

Attracting a young and old crowd with all in between, Mav unleashes some classic Motown Soul through the mic, as well as tuning into the dub step frequency when its time to get things bouncing.

All in all a great night for UK music! Big up D and the fam, Peace!

Maverick Sabre Tour @ Exeter – Lemon Grove and London – Royal Albert Hall, 25th & 27th March 2011

Maverick performing at the Royal Albert Hall

I was an instant fan the first time I heard Mav sing live, just him and his guitar, the acoustic versions of “they found him a gun” and “I need” got me thinking instantly this guy is going to be massive.  A couple years on and he’s performing up n down the country, also recently supporting Cee Lo Green on tour in Birmingham and Shepherds bush, I was lucky enough to be part of the tour for two dates, Exeter Uni and The Royal Albert Hall, with the latter being part of the Teenage Cancer Trust event that also included Jessie J and Tinie Tempah.

In Exeter, the Lemon Grove in Cornwall House was the venue, alongside Example and DJ Wire, Maverick performed to a lively Uni crowd who were very happy that he was in town.

Maverick performing in Exeter

Crowd in Exeter

It was Sunday’s gig at the Royal Albert Hall however, that really had the atmosphere that was necessary to host this artist.  The sound in this venue is amazing and the performance did not disappoint, with Maverick receiving much deserved respect from the packed crowd.

Maverick performing at the Royal Albert Hall

Maverick performing at the Royal Albert Hall

Crowd at the Royal Albert Hall

Jessie J performing at the Royal Albert Hall

Jessie J performing at the Royal Albert Hall

Tinie Tempah performing at the Royal Albert Hall

Camera man capturing Tinie Tempah performing at the Royal Albert Hall

Tinie Tempah's drummer performing at the Royal Albert Hall

Lyrix Organix @ The Paradise Club, 24th September 2009

Travelling west to Kensal Rise was a funky night of live music and comedy in a cosy little venue called Paradise.  Beat boxer Special K opened up with some funky voice skills just before Doc Brown took the stage, a man who I’d photographed 5 years ago at the Jump Off when he was tearing up emcees on stage.  Now coming with a completely different flex,  DocBrown incorporates rap and comedy to the extent that it just flows nicely and makes sense and makes you laugh!  Big up Doc on this, something I haven’t seen live before, he also came with a great theme of using cards to explain and translate street slang into formal English, one of the funniest parts of his set.

Up next was the revolutionary Aruba Red who uplifted the venue with Soulful Reggae infused music, followed shortly by Maverick Sabre who did pretty much the same, almost like an Irish version of the artist Natty, Maverick has some lovely soothing conscious lyrics sung in a way that just captivates the mind and allows it to relax in tune with the guitar strings and lyrics.  If that wasn’t enough, the Empress Floetic Lara then stepped up to feed minds with a deeper level of lyrical talent, opening up her set with “Passionate Poets” (check it out on her myspace page) – the kind of song that you appreciate so much it makes you wish you were the one who wrote it!  If your thinking on that level anyway…

A wicked night, nuff respect to Dan Tsu who put it all together and also rocked the stage during the jam session at the end.