Damian Marley, Julian Marley and Stephen Marley @ O2 Indigo, 26th July 2012

Wow, Damian, Julian and Stephen Marley all in one big Blessed night of live Reggae music, 3 Lions singing their hearts out to a well received multicultured O2 Indigo crowd.

I’ve covered a few Reggae gigs in the past but this was rather special, Damian just delivered pure fire, going through track after track, he even sang Patience, my favourite tune off the Distant Relatives album. Julian then stepped out, its amazing how much he resembles his father, moving and singing just like Bob, of course they collaborated and had me jumping up n down in the pit when they dropped “Violence” from Julian’s album “Awake”

To make things more special, Stephen then took to the stage, guitar in hand and continued the vibes, however, it was when he said “who like Gargamel?” reffering to Buju Banton, Damian then joined him side by side as the Dub vibe began and the lyrics dropped “we are soldiers….in Jah army….” and the crowd went nuts! Stephen produced most of Damian’s three albums and it was amazing to capture them performing side by side.

Big up Thuto @ Just Elemental Music for the hook up, check out the site!

One Love


Giants of Rare Groove featuring Leroy Hutson & Don Blackman @ The O2 Indigo, 19th Aug 2010

The O2 Indigo was most definitely packed for this special occasion, as well as Mr Hutson, Don Blackman was in the house to tear the roof off as well.  Singing classics such as Hearts Desire, Holding you Loving you, Love the Feeling, So in Love with you, So Nice and more, it was quite a shame that the night finished just after 11pm as I was ready to Jam the night away…


Incognito @ The O2 Indigo, 22nd August 2009

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their collective musical excellence, Incognito arrived on stage to a packed O2 indigo crowd, DJ Fitzroy had already warmed up the venue with some soul classics, but it was this legendary band who rocked the place for the next 90 minutes.  Featuring a massive collective of artists and featuring Jocelyn Brown who’s voice was definitely one of the most powerful I have ever witnessed in my life.  Maximum respect goes out to all the artists, Bluey, Jocelyn, DJ Fitzroy, Mala who hooked me up the press pass and all the fans who have been supporting good music since the beginning.

CAMEO @ THE O2 INDIGO, 18th April 2009

Last Saturday night I was lucky enough to be present in the O2 Indigo to witnss none other than the original 70’s band Cameo, bigup Fitzroy (Soul Survivors Magazine) for the hook up on that one…DJ Fitzroy started the night off with a mellow mix n blend of soulful classics shortly before the band came out to rock the house.  The O2 Indigo is a great venue with plenty of room and one of the best sound systems I’ve heard in a London club, with Incognito visiting soon I cant wait to return, pics from the night below…