Revolution @ Brixton Jamm, 23/05/2014



Rebel MC, Screaming Soul & DEFDFIRES @ Jamm, Brixton, 1st May

Straight after the comedy night in Catford, I made my way down to funky Brixton town to go and Jam at the Jamm on Kennington Road, I’d just missed Rebel MC do his thing, but luckily caught DJ Snuff on the decks, Screaming Soul and DEFDFIRES performing on stage…Screaming Soul smashed it, heavy bass lines and dub infused beats alongside revolutionary conscious lyrics – our own Nas & Damian Marley duo, straight up!  DDF next up with their double time raps and funky beats, big up Jazza on the dance moves still, Prymary Source, EL and Nemesis ripping up the mics, its been a while so it was extra special to see these guys nicing up the place, check out the myspace pages for a sample of the music…





Behind the Scenes – Interview with Rebel MC & Paul Ibiza, 17th August 2009

Award winning film director Teddy Nygh of Fully Focused Productions has decided to piece together a 20minute film featuring interviews from many of the foundation artists that were responsible for blessing our airwaves and creating a platform for future generations to shine.  The film will be part of Home Grown: The Story of UK Hip Hop which will be held at the Urbis Museum in Manchester from the 15th October until March 2010, full details here.

On the sunny Earthday of Marcus Garvey, we travelled down to Brixton to interview Rebel MC, old skool music vet from back in the day, although not considered a HipHop artist, his music is most definitely related.


Rebel MC

Along on the journey was none other than Paul Ibiza (Ibiza Records), who gave us many entertaining stories of running warehouse raves back in the 80’s, as well as the experiences of hooking up with everyone in the scene while meeting up at the Music House in Holloway Road to get dubs cut, these were some interesting times to be in the music biz…


Paul Ibiza being interviewd by Teddy

Paul Ibiza being interviewd by Teddy

Rebel and Paul had a lot say and, like many others from their generation, believe the time has come for the stories to be told.  To date, no one has really documented the revolution that we have on our hands, being part of something massive from the early beginnings and seeing the developments and impact music has had on all our lives and will have in the future, we hope to bring you more on this very soon, watch this space.