HEDNOKA @ Musiques En Stock, Cluses, France – July 2011

Back in the small picturesque town of Cluses in North Eastern France, just over the border from Geneva, this small town comes together once again to put on a full 4 day festival with a decent line up, this time also including Asian Dub Foundation.

Travelling alongside the head banging HEDNOKA’s this is a couple of flicks from their performance, video footage below…

Lyrix Organix @ The Paradise Club, 24th September 2009

Travelling west to Kensal Rise was a funky night of live music and comedy in a cosy little venue called Paradise.  Beat boxer Special K opened up with some funky voice skills just before Doc Brown took the stage, a man who I’d photographed 5 years ago at the Jump Off when he was tearing up emcees on stage.  Now coming with a completely different flex,  DocBrown incorporates rap and comedy to the extent that it just flows nicely and makes sense and makes you laugh!  Big up Doc on this, something I haven’t seen live before, he also came with a great theme of using cards to explain and translate street slang into formal English, one of the funniest parts of his set.

Up next was the revolutionary Aruba Red who uplifted the venue with Soulful Reggae infused music, followed shortly by Maverick Sabre who did pretty much the same, almost like an Irish version of the artist Natty, Maverick has some lovely soothing conscious lyrics sung in a way that just captivates the mind and allows it to relax in tune with the guitar strings and lyrics.  If that wasn’t enough, the Empress Floetic Lara then stepped up to feed minds with a deeper level of lyrical talent, opening up her set with “Passionate Poets” (check it out on her myspace page) – the kind of song that you appreciate so much it makes you wish you were the one who wrote it!  If your thinking on that level anyway…

A wicked night, nuff respect to Dan Tsu who put it all together and also rocked the stage during the jam session at the end.

HEDNOKA @ Musiques En Stock festival, France, 2nd July

Meet the HEDNOKA crew – Tibbo, Renn, G Easy & Patrice…


Jammin in the beautiful mountainous region of north-east france, HEDNOKA turned up to rock the crowd in many places, including one of the funkiest jam sessions ive been to in a town called Annecy, I was feeling the vibe so much I had to put down the camera and pic up the mic!

Next up was the Musiques En Stock festival in the town of Cluses, Haute-Savoie, a few thousand people turned up to feel the force in the sunshine and knock heads with the natty dredd…much love goes out to the French family who looked after us like we were their own, we will never forget you!

Below are some shots from the trip…promo video below the pics…MA