Jack Jones ft Tugga War & Gappy Ranks – Oh No! Video Feb 2010

A pleasure once again to be on set with the FullyFocused production crew and director Teddy Nygh, with an interesting eye for artistic talent, this time round HipHop vet Jack Jones teaming up with dancehall artists Tuggawar and Gappy Ranks.  The outcome is a well shot colourful video, best viewed at 1080p!  If your connection can handle it…

Well done to all involved, I myself had just had a bad bike accident a few days before and had to move around set at much slower pace than usual, a challenge still!

Stills from the shoot below with full video at the bottom.

Behind the Scenes – Interview with Rebel MC & Paul Ibiza, 17th August 2009

Award winning film director Teddy Nygh of Fully Focused Productions has decided to piece together a 20minute film featuring interviews from many of the foundation artists that were responsible for blessing our airwaves and creating a platform for future generations to shine.  The film will be part of Home Grown: The Story of UK Hip Hop which will be held at the Urbis Museum in Manchester from the 15th October until March 2010, full details here.

On the sunny Earthday of Marcus Garvey, we travelled down to Brixton to interview Rebel MC, old skool music vet from back in the day, although not considered a HipHop artist, his music is most definitely related.


Rebel MC

Along on the journey was none other than Paul Ibiza (Ibiza Records), who gave us many entertaining stories of running warehouse raves back in the 80’s, as well as the experiences of hooking up with everyone in the scene while meeting up at the Music House in Holloway Road to get dubs cut, these were some interesting times to be in the music biz…


Paul Ibiza being interviewd by Teddy

Paul Ibiza being interviewd by Teddy

Rebel and Paul had a lot say and, like many others from their generation, believe the time has come for the stories to be told.  To date, no one has really documented the revolution that we have on our hands, being part of something massive from the early beginnings and seeing the developments and impact music has had on all our lives and will have in the future, we hope to bring you more on this very soon, watch this space.

GIGGS – You Raised Me/Open Up

blog shot

Director Teddy Nygh, a talented man who has starred in feature length films such as Sugarhouse and also directed and produced his own full feature hip-hop documentary Clash of da tights 1’s, explains that he had vision for a video when he heard this new track from the south London rapper.  Giggs himself is a controversial artist which gave Teddy even further inspiration for running the project. Teddy explains that when he heard the track for the first time it touched him, he really felt it and instantly visualised the scenes and with Giggs being a very visual rapper this just made things come together.

The video is in two parts, with the first part being a dedication to his mum (the video was released on Mother’s day) and then blends into the second part which is a club scene with some brilliantly made up geisha models shaking their thangs on the dance floor.  This video did in fact make history to be the first UK hip hop music video to have a screening for its release in the warm and cosy Riverside studios in Hammersmith.

I shot the stills on the set over two days, missing the green screen filming on day3 due to other commitments!  But still got some good shots, the second day also involved me shooting two particular shots during the filming of young Giggs that I then printed out and placed in the picture frames on the wall, to then be used for the effect of zooming into the picture and merging into film…Teddy also dragged me down to Peckham one night to shoot some stills of the traffic on the high street, we setup the tripod, found the angle we needed and shot around 250 stills each exposed at 2 seconds, with the camera on interval timing (taking a shot on its own every 3 seconds), the resulting 250 pics were then blending together by the editors and used (briefly!) in the video, just as Giggs says “I think the hood kinda changed me”

Big up to all involved, it was a good shoot and everyone put in hard work to get the job done, bring on the next vid!