Young Kings of Comedy @ The Hackney Empire, 19th March 2011

Back once again at the Hackney Empire for another night of laughter and entertainment, hosted by funny man Kat B and featuring the usual suspects – Richard Blackwood – back with fresh material as always, Slim – the realist comedian I’ve ever seen, Kojo – bussin his crazy jokes as usual and Kevin J – this was the first time I saw Kevin and was very impressed, he managed to make the whole of the venue crack up laughing for most of his set, I look forward to checking him out again.

The next Young Kings of Comedy event will take place at the Hackney Empire again and feature a slightly amended line up, check this link out for more info:

Creative Engagement presents Synergy @ The Bernie Grant Arts Centre, 7th Nov 2010

Back once again at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham, local resident Creative Engagement director Selma Nicholls hosted a night of dance theatre including; Empotionz-UK, Uchenna Dance and Pair Dance.




The Real McCoy Comedy Explosion @ The Hackney Empire, 5th Nov 2010


A packed Hackney Empire turned out to see some of the original Real McCoy stars alongside newcomers on the circuit such as Kojo and Slim.  Kojo, being the youngest of the performers present, has a comedy style thats as real as it gets and equally cracks up both young and old.  Slim, whos been mashin up the circuit up n down the country, had us in stitches from start to finish, a favourite amongst many, Slim returns to the Empire in February for his very own show called “Slim in Wonder Land”, check this link for more info.  

Hosted by funny men Robbie Gee and Eddie Nester, they instantly picked on a man called Anthony who arrived late sitting in the row second to front, with Robbie waiting for the room to fall silent before kissing his teeth and calling him “an eeeediat”, too funny, they did reward him at the end with some free gifts though…  

Best Of The Best Comedy Xplosion @ Catford Broadway Theatre, 1st May



Saturday night back at the Catford Broadway Theatre for a night of more laughter, hosted by funny man Richard Blackwood, who to some is at the best point of his career, with sharp jokes that simply leave people trying to catch their breath, up to date and supa fresh…Along with Felix Dexter, Kojo, Felicity Ethnic, Slim and Leo Mohammed as Mr Frazer…next show is the Bad boys of comedy, Catford again – 27th June, check it out…


Celebration of Dance @ Bernie Grant Arts Centre, 29th April


Selma Nicholls, director of dance company Creative Engagement who run a dance studio at the Bernie Grant Arts centre in Tottenham, recently had news that the premises she runs her business from is soon to lose funding and she must find a new home, affecting many young people that use the studio for dance practice.

This event was therefore arranged as a fund raiser to help raise funds to relocate…the call for help went out, and dance crews all over responded, what we ended up with was a night of fantastic dance theatre, some of which blew me away.  Hosted by Hakim Onibudo, director of Impact Dance UK and Performing on the night we had: Bird Gang, Uchenna, Ishimwa, E-Motionz, Carinne Gayle & Tashan Taylor, IronIncs and the night finished off with an amazing performance by Ballet Black.

Recent news has surfaced that the company may not have to relocate just yet, allowing more time to find a new home, watch this space, massive shout outs to all involved especially Selma for organising such a good event in so little time, all the dancers who responded to the calls for help! And everyone who turned up to support the night, much love.