The defeat of Hillary Clinton just dealt a devastating blow to Monsanto, Big Pharma and the corrupt vaccine industry


(NaturalNews) The ignorant people voting for Hillary Clinton two days ago had no idea what they were really voting for. That’s by design, of course: They are kept deliberately dumbed-down by the complicit media which packed their brains full of anti-facts and twisted mush. While Clinton supporters mistakenly believed Hillary supported women, children, immigrants and humanity, in the real world Hillary Clinton was an obedient pawn of the most evil, genocidal corporate entities on the planet.

Had Hillary Clinton seized the White House, she would have ushered in an agricultural apocalypse that let powerful agrichemical corporations like Monsanto (soon to merge with Bayer) poison our planet, our food and our children with cancer causing chemicals. Remember: Clinton was so tight with Monsanto, she was known as the “Bride of Frankenfood.”

Clinton was also a favourite pick for Big Pharma and the obscene chemical medication industry that preys upon endless disease to generate massive corporate profits while offering no real cures for anything. All these pharmaceutical companies were counting on Clinton winning, guaranteeing them 4-8 more years of reliable profits while Americans suffered and died from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Health care stocks nosedived after Clinton lost the election

The “health care” industry was so invested in Hillary Clinton’s victory that many stocks tanked immediately after Trump won. Trump’s imminent repeal of Obamacare, you see, will cut off the flow of obscene profits to the pharmaceutical cartels and health care scammers.

Unlike every other president before him, Trump isn’t so stupid that he would order the government to reimburse drug companies for the full retail prices of their vastly overpriced medicines. No, that genius move was actually pulled off by George W. Bush, if I remember correctly. Since then, every subsequent administration maintained the same ludicrous financial arrangement with the pharma drug cartels, resulting in skyrocketing health care costs that are now approaching 25% of GDP. (Yes, 25% of the entire GDP for the nation.)

Trump will end that stupidity very quickly. Why? Because the federal government’s deal with the pharmaceutical companies is a stupid deal. And Trump hates stupid deals, as should we all. (Yet, notably, Hillary Clinton loves stupid deals as long as all her cronies are enriched while America is ransacked by chemical medicine that doesn’t work.)

Defeating Hillary Clinton will also send a devastating message to the child murdering vaccine industry

Because the revolution is well under way across America, I’m not going to hold back when describing the vaccine industry. The simple truth is that the vaccine industry is a child murdering medical cartel based on quack science and a corrupt CDC racket.

Vaccines do have a place in protecting viral researchers from bio-hazards, but the entire history of vaccine “success” is just as big a con job as the idea that Hillary Clinton was an honest, ethical, trustworthy leader who “never lied” to America. No, vaccines didn’t stop polio. The disease was nearly wiped out before the polio vaccine even got widely distributed. And since then, the polio vaccine continues to cause polio in countless numbers of victims (“countless” because no one is counting them, as if this wasn’t happening at all).

In reality, many vaccines do indeed cause severe, permanent harm to children and adults. Vaccines are one cause of autism (but not the only cause), and when vaccines are given at too young an age, with too many vaccines stacked together, and deliberately formulated with mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, MSG and other toxic ingredients, they cause immeasurable harm to many children.

Hillary Clinton is a vaccine apologist and a mercury denier

Hillary Clinton is a vaccine apologist and mercury denier who, like all the rest of the corrupt medical criminals running the vaccine industry today, openly denies the existence of mercury in vaccines routinely given to children America. Yet a simple review of the available evidence on mercury in vaccines reveals undeniable proof that children in America continue to be injected with mercury. For example, in this Natural News article I wrote last year, we published an official letter from the State of California’s Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Diana S. Dooley, in which she openly calls for more mercury vaccines to be injected into more children in California.

In her own words:

I am writing to inform you that I am granting a temporary exemption from California Health and Safety Code Section 124172 for seasonal influenza vaccine with trace levels of thimerosal to be administered to children younger than three years from October 9, 2015 through December 31, 2015, because the current supply of thimerosal-free vaccine for young children is inadequate. This exemption was requested by the California District of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the California Academy of Family Physicians, the California Medical Association and the California Immunization Coalition, and has been recommended by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The real message, in other words, is that California is more than happy to brain damage your child with mercury because the state ran out of mercury-free flu shots.

Yes, California deliberately produces brain damaged children… they’re easier to “educate” (indoctrinate) with leftist propaganda

It is no coincidence, by the way, that young citizens of California seem to be wholly unable to carry out simple math problems or grasp the difference between the budget deficit and the national debt. California children in particular have been subjected to brain damaging mercury in the form of state-approved vaccines. And child-medical-molesting California state politicians like State Sen. Richard Pan — known as the “mercury joker” — pushed SB 277 through to make sure the state had the authority to force state-mandated medical interventions onto children even when their parents refuse to consent.

When it comes to vaccines and Big Pharma, Richard Pan and Hillary Clinton are cut from the same sinister cloth. They both perceive the power of the state to be absolute, even when forcing dangerous medical interventions onto children without parental consent. (How’s that for Hillary Clinton’s real position on women’s choice?) They both have been effectively bribed by pharmaceutical corporations, and they both seek political power at the cost of human lives.

By the thinnest margins, Americans finally rejected Hillary Clinton after recognizing her wholesale contempt for democracy and the people participating in it. Had the vote veered by a mere 2% the other direction, we would right now be living under a President-elect Hillary Clinton and the prospect of suffering through a medical police state tyranny run by corporations like Bayer, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Merck.

#DrainTheSwamp will include elements of the CDC, USDA, EPA and FDA

Donald Trump is already on the record questioning the safety of mercury-filled vaccine shots, and my informed guess is that we will see Trump go after the CDC with some real political power during his first term in office. The CDC, of course, is a corrupt criminal regime much like the DNC, the FDA and even the EPA. When Donald Trump says he’s going to #DrainTheSwamp, he means dismantling these corrupt agencies (among other goals) and ending the corporate cartels that currently dictate medical policy, agricultural policy and fiscal policy to the political prostitutes in Washington D.C.

This is why the Donald Trump victory was so incredibly important for America. Now we have a chance to beat back the big ugly corporate monsters like Monsanto and Merck. With Trump in the White House, we have a legitimate shot at real health care reform, medical freedom and even codifying religious medical freedoms into federal law. It doesn’t mean we can achieve all this, but we have a legitimate shot at meaningful reform that works in our favor. (Trump isn’t God. He can’t wave a magic wand and accomplish everything all at once. He still must work within a rigged system run by lifelong bureaucrats and bribed members of the House and Senate.)

That’s why I urge you to join me in lending our support to Donald Trump during his time in office, encouraging him to keep all his promises to drain the swamp, build the wall and even LOCK HER UP. Winning the presidency is a huge victory for today, but it’s only a tiny crack in the immense wall of corporate corruption that weaves its way through medicine and agriculture. To really win this revolution for our collective future, we’re going to have to march on the castles with catapults and ladders, launching flaming bales of oil-soaked hay into the inner sanctum of the corrupt corporate elite until the prostituted lawmakers run screaming (and on fire) from their thrones. (That’s a metaphor. People in Washington don’t live in actual castles, and we don’t attack them with actual catapults.)

Perhaps BURN THEM OUT should really be the next Trump slogan, eh? It’s more of an infestation, really, and “burning” seems more appropriate than “draining.” #BurnThemOut

Ali serves Trump a well deserved uppercut




A message to Katie Hopkins: (in response to her endorsement of Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the US)

Ali smashes Trump in the face with righteous lyrics, nicely timed, with the racist cow Katie Hopkins recently making sure she’s licking the right American arsehole, Ali serves up the truth to slap them both in the face and say what any worldly educated person rightly knows, extreme militant groups like so called IS are not on the same level as your regular peaceful Muslim brother or sister that people like me know well.

And that’s the problem right there, ignorant people like Katie Hopkins have probably never had a Muslim friend, never sat in a Muslim household and had food and drink as you would with any other human being, instead she represents the dumb-arse small minded minority of backward thinking people that take the daily fail as real news rather than educate themselves about the world, its cultures and its ever so relevant history that has shaped human kind and the planet earth, by this very statement I am talking purely about the situation we have got ourselves in today, or should I say our so called “leaders” have got us in today, one could say we elected these people, however history tells us that most of them did not get elected, just like Florida’s African American votes not counting when it came to putting that monkey Bush Junior in power, it was going to happen one way or the other, same with Mr Obama, a brilliant play by the US tricksters who knew exactly what putting a Black man in office would do for the peoples misguided trust in them, a man straight out of the Tony Blair school of acting, still chatting shit to this day.

But before we go there, let’s just touch back to Katie Flopkin, I dare you to watch a film called “Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?”, within this film you will find the film maker travel to many a Muslim country, being greeted and welcomed in to homes to have food with families and learning the real culture behind many Muslim lives, be it Arab culture or otherwise, you see there is much to learn, I’d be curious to know if you have any idea on how rich a country Syria was in its ancient history, how Muslims and Christians have lived there together peacefully for over a thousand years? Are you aware of this knowledge? And now the power hungry machine that people like you feed, has destroyed that country for the interest of the west, no doubt you have no clue as to what the NWO has in mind, or indeed if you even know what that means, regardless I see you for what you are and that is a few things, one of them being a Devil’s Advocate, the second being true to your nature – a stupid bitch who has probably been raised in a racist household and more or less has it embedded in her soul, let alone her genes, know that although you are playing your part in this Matrix game that we exist in, your part is limited for it is based on fear, not love which is the only thing that can save us.

People like you and Trumpy boy never mention things like foreign policy do you? Never comment on things like cause and effect huh? You see the problem is, that you think your defending British values and ways of life – are you aware of the history of the British Empire and what it has caused around the world? I have hundreds of starting points but let’s choose India as there was recently a great speech made by Shashi Tharoor at the Oxford Union explaining just that:

In fact as reading probably isn’t your strong point I’ll leave you with two more videos to brighten up your day, One Love Biatch!

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