Kenya Photo Exhibition Launch Night @ Open The Gate – 24th November

Massive THANK YOU’s to all who helped out with this event, all who turned up and supported, the live acts, everybody, it was a lovely night…

A great honour for myself to hold my first exhibition/event and have so many of my lovely friends and family present.   I have been blessed to bump into some amazing souls in my life, many of these being musical ones, so it was only right to spread the vibes by having 4 brilliant live acts downstairs.

Musicians I have had the pleasure of working with over the years, all doing great work here in the UK as well as performing abroad, working and collaborating with other musical talent around the globe.

Funny man Special P hosted the night and gave us some pretty controversial comedy, something that Wancee picked up on and had me in stitches when they went at it, joke for joke on stage, thats what happens when fire meets fire!  Wancee also dropped some tracks fresh from his time in India earlier this year, conscious and thought provoking, Wancee had every bodies attention focussed when he read his latest BHM poem – “A Storm No Teacup (Corrupt Cop)”  in memory of Smiley Culture and Mark Duggan who were both murdered in police custody earlier this year.

Aruba Red along with the amazing Chantelle Nandi Masuku and Julie Iwheta performed some tracks acapella style which was a nice surprise and really gave us the opportunity to hear these young ladies in their full capacity.  Aruba Red is a good friend of mine and has done some amazing work on the musical circuit performing at many big name summer festivals as well as continued support of local charities, she will soon be touring with Maverick Sabre and Miss Dynamite beginning March 2012.

Cherri Prince and Mangaliso Asi plus Mista Dex are an amazing trio of soulful jazzy HipHop that any Neo Soul head would be feeling. From the sweet vibes of “Just Say Hi” to the revolutionary “Whispers of Revolution”, this is the kind of stuff I wanna hear!  Along with Kensaye on percussion to add to the atmosphere, the crowd were loving these guys.

Renn Washington, where do I start?  Lol, we were not actually sure Renn would make it, he’s just laid back that’s all, its the Trinidadian in him I guess!  He did make it though, and what he did make, was some amazing soulful sounds, guitar in hand, I dont think many people were really ready for what one make can do live when given the opportunity.  With a great vocal range and moving lyrics to match, Renn had us giving thanks for a great ending to the evening, thank you brother.  We did spend 3 weeks together in Kenya, we even camped one night in Nakuru national park, on some blair witch project type ish!  Thats captured on Renn TV, but I wont display that now… :-)

Pictures below supplied by the beautiful and amazingly talented photographers Miss Joanna Woodrow and Miss Saira Awan, more blessings to know these two crazy and lovely ladies, JW in colour and Sai’s in B&W….Huge thanks also going out to Anthony at ATO Producitons for turning up and filming the night!  In fact it was the first time we met, give thanks to Dre for bumping into Anthony on the bus earlier that day and giving him the knowledge on the event, im feeling the Love!  Video footage also below…enjoy!

Unforgiveable Blackness – Jason Nwansi, OCT 2009

Unforgivable Blackness

After the success of Jason’s first BET Black History Month poem last year “What it Means to be Black” (see below) Jason is back with another Poem for 2009 entitled “Unforgivable Blackness”.

Available to purchase on itunes here

Pics from the video shoot and last years video are below…

Wancee – Whats Urban?

DSC_6769 New video by Wan-Cee; What’s Urban? Video also features Ayanna Whitter Johnson & the Urban Philharmonic Orchestra. Single release date: 27-JULY-09. Copyright Prodigal Son Entertainment 2009.

I have worked alongside Jason on many projects and its always a good experience,  Jason arranged a hard working team that came together well on the day, we had fun and I snapped a lot of shots, with the one above being one of my favourite production shots of the day.